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Single bottle of Obama's beer nets $1,200 for charity

Pete Souza / White House Photo

The White House Honey Ale beer is displayed in the Green Room of the White House on Feb. 6, 2011. A bottle of the brew recently sold for $1,200.

We guess that people are still really, really interested in getting a taste of President Obama's Honey Ale: One report now shows that a group of Minnesotans paid $1,200 for a single bottle. 

Fortunately, as Politico and the blog Obamafoodrama report, all the proceeds went to a charity auction for University of Minnesota's Amplatz Children's Hospital. The bottle up for sale was given to Minnesotan Brad Magerkurth, during an "off-the-record" campaign stop in Tennessee, and a group of Minnesotans paid the hefty price to share the single bottle. 

Story: New kits let you brew beer the White House way

Apparently, everyone was super excited to share a beer that came from the president's personal stash. According to Obamafoodrama, Obama even asked Magerkurth for a review of the beer, in return for the gift; while Magerkurth hasn't submitted a "formal" review, he says he really enjoyed the Honey Ale. "We were expecting it to be a little more cloyingly sweet... [But] it was hoppy and dry, really good," he told Obamafoodrama.

Still, may we recommend the Northern Brewer's Home Kit for the Obama beer recipes for $35 to $45 instead? Quite a step down from $1,200. 

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