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Mara Schiavocampo: I bought a 'lifetime supply' of Twinkies

Lindsey Bomnin

NBC News' Mara Schiavocampo is not ashamed of her Twinkie affection. Now, she's stocked up for life.

NBC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo shares why Twinkies have a special place in her heart, and why she bought herself a lifetime supply.

In just a few days, a box of 100 Twinkies will arrive at my house. Given that I eat one Twinkie  — maybe two — each year, these should last at least 50 years. That's the point. I'm stocking up on a lifetime supply of Twinkies.

When I first heard that Hostess was filing for bankruptcy a few months back, I immediately dismissed the idea the company could actually close. "They'll work it out," I thought. I figured there was no way that the brand behind Twinkies, Ding Dongs and those cupcakes with the squiggly line, would cease to exist. It seemed impossible. Hostess is as American as Wonder Bread.

But when things started deteriorating in the last few weeks, I began to panic. Why? Because like so many people, I have a very deep emotional connection to Twinkies. I ate them when I was little. My mother kept the individually wrapped snacks around the house and every now and then I could have one. They were the ultimate treat.

I love everything about Twinkies. I love how soft and spongy the cake is. I love that second bite, when you really start to get into the filling. I love that they come in pairs. I love the way they look and smell. I even love the little cowboy Twinkie on the box. They are my single favorite junk food indulgence. If I had to order my last meal, I'd request a pair of Twinkies for desert (mashed up with ice cream, naturally).

As I look around and see how others are reacting to the news that Hostess is closing down, I realize I'm not alone. This isn't about snacks. This is about personal ties that often go back to childhood. This is about the ultimate comfort foods — treats that makes you feel like a kid again.

And even thought it's been reported that Twinkies may live on, just the possibility of it all disappearing makes me sad. It marks the end of an iconic American company, and for so many of us, our most valued treats. In life, when I've been really, really down, a Twinkie would always cheer me up. Good thing I have that lifetime supply coming. I'll need it.

Tell us, are you planning to hoard Twinkies? Take a look at what a few of Mara's fellow Twinkie fans have been tweeting:

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