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Michelle Obama shares her guilty pleasure

Ryan Seacrest / Instagram

Ryan Seacrest shares a little preview of his interview with Michelle Obama.

Ryan Seacrest sat down with Michelle Obama for an interview airing on TODAY Tuesday, and shared this fun little bite on Instagram Monday afternoon. The first lady, who has confessed her love for french fries in the past, says her guilty pleasure while traveling is the chocolate -and-peanut butter goodness that is Reese’s. No word on whether she prefers the regular size, the miniatures or the tiny minis, but we’re sure with arms like hers, she’s not reaching for too many of the Big Cups.

We all know the importance of snacks on the road. Tell us, what guilty-pleasure treats do you pack when you’re taking a trip?

Want to hear more from the first lady? Tune in to TODAY Tuesday to watch Seacrest's interview with Michelle Obama. She also discusses the upcoming election and casting her own vote earlier today:

Vidya Rao is a TODAY.com senior editor. She wishes grabbing Reese's cups and putting them in her mouth was an acceptable workout. 

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