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From 'just wrong' to 'super sweet': TODAY tastes Candy Corn Oreos

Brandon Goodwin/TODAY.com

Oreos now come in a limited edition candy corn flavor -- but reviews of the super sweet treat are mixed.

Candy corn enthusiasts are rejoicing now that Oreo has released a special candy corn cookie for the Halloween season. It's a half-orange, half-yellow frosting layer tucked between two golden Oreo wafers. Last night, the limited edition flavor hit stores, and this morning, TODAY anchors and TODAY.com staffers took a taste.

Like the iconic candies that inspired them, these Oreos got mixed reviews. Some of us loved it (seven cookies later, video producer Kyle Michael Miller is now on a sugar high) and some of us hated it, but most of us summed up the experience like this: “Eh, it’s not that bad…actually, it’s kinda good… wait, can I get one more?”

The cookies didn’t fare as well with the anchors.

"What you can't see is how these smell," said Savannah, who also concluded that they were "not that bad." Natalie passed on them entirely, but only because she's not a fan of candy corn to begin with. Al was a little more direct, pronouncing them, "Just wrong.”

Reaction on the Internet has been similar – the consensus seems to be that if you like candy corn, you'll like these, but you might be judged by the foodie set.

Candy corn itself is a polarizing treat. While it’s a Halloween staple and one of the top-selling candies for the holiday, a TODAY.com poll from 2011 of more than 47,000 people found that it was the second most hated candy, with 25 percent of voters declaring it their “least favorite.”

You can find Candy Corn Oreos in the Halloween aisle with their progenitors, but they don't work nearly as well for shoving on your teeth and pretending to be a vampire.

Below are reviews from TODAY.com staffers. Tell us, have you or would you try Candy Corn Oreos? Are you on Team Candy Corn at all?

“I’m a fan of candy corn, and these deliver the so-sweet-it-hurts pain that you would hope for. But my favorite part of candy corn is the hard outer shell and the granular texture. This is just an Oreo wearing a Halloween flavor.”  –Matt Rivera, senior producer

“Sweet! Like, super sweet. It combined two of my great loves, but I definitely couldn’t eat more than one, which is not true of regular Oreos (I can take down a sleeve). But I do like the way they turned the icing orange and yellow, like they squished an actual candy corn in there. I’m going to stick with the originals.”  – Amy DiLuna, senior editor

"It took me back to my college Halloween parties – lots of anticipation, a decent first bite and then a long-lasting aftertaste that filled me with regret.” –Steve Veres, senior editor

“It definitely smells like store-bought frosting of the Duncan Hines variety – you can smell the processed sugar. I actually think the taste is much stronger than the smell – and the “fruity” accents are almost overwhelming … like I’ve ingested something perfumey. I liked candy corn as a kid, but I’m not a fan of this cookie.” –Carissa Ray, supervising multimedia producer

“The weird thing is that it isn’t as weird as I expected it to be. It made me pine for a glass of milk, which is strange, as the thought of eating candy corn and drinking milk simultaneously is enough to prompt some serious gagging.” – Alex Smith, editor

“It was a sweet change to the traditional Oreo that not only filled my tummy but excites me for the fall. Yum! Bring on more!” – Kyle Michael Miller, video producer

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