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No campfire, no problem: Dig in for National S'mores Day

B&B Winepub

Pass me s'more pie, please!

August 10 is the glorious National S’mores Day. And who doesn't love a simple s'more? Well these days, plenty of restaurants are serving up new spins on the s’more, making the classic campfire treat gourmet and on-the-go.

S’mores shakes
Relish, West Palm Beach, Fla. 

At this hand-crafted burger joint in southern Florida, actual whole s’mores go into the Campfire S’mores shake — the kitchen even toasts the marshmallows. The vanilla-based shake blends up super smooth yet so thick that you could eat it with a fork. Relish also offers tabletop s’mores that you roast over a Sterno flame — only with this updated version, you get to choose from a chocolate bar, peanut butter cups, or chocolate-covered bacon.

$6.13 for shake; $8.89 to $34.89 for tabletop s’mores (serves 2 to 4)

S’mores cocktails and ice cream
The Original Dinerant, Portland, Ore.

One of the more high-brow interpretations of s’mores we’ve seen is the S’mores Pudding Shot at The Original Dinerant in Portland, Ore. Pastry chef Sally Bowers first infuses vodka with toasted marshmallows, then layers on chocolate pudding and marshmallow crème for a drink that you can sip or eat with a spoon. The chef, a former Girl Scout who says she never loved marshmallows until she made her own, also makes a S’moreo Ice Cream — dark chocolate ice cream swirled with salted chocolate ganache, crushed Oreos, graham crackers and marshmallow fluff — as well as S’more Cake Pops, made with graham-cracker chiffon cake and marshmallow frosting, all coated in a dark chocolate glaze and covered with micro marshmallows.

$3 per shot, scoop or cake pop

S’mores pie
B&B Winepub, New York City

We’ve all had marshmallow Fluff out of a jar, but at New York City’s B&B Winepub, pastry chef Katie McAllister makes her own, which she layers on top of the creamy chocolate filling in her dense s’mores pie, which sits in a buttery graham cracker crust. Get the seasonal treat starting later this month.

$7 a slice


Even McDonald's is making s'mores in handheld-treat form this summer.

S’mores pizza
Dimo’s Pizza, Chicago

Most customers at Dimo’s in Chicago would never guess the secret ingredient in the S’mores Pizza: mozzarella. Before adding all the sweet toppings, cooks bake the dough with a thin layer of cheese to weigh down the crust and keep it from bubbling. Then come the chocolate sauce, crumbled graham crackers and mini marshmallows, and another spin in the oven. If you’re in town, pick up a slice after a Cubs’ game, just a few blocks away.

$3.35 a slice; $14 for a 12-inch pizza; $28 for 20-inch pizza

 S’mores handheld treat

Even McDonald’s is offering s’mores this summer, in the form of a turnover-style treat similar to its famous apple pie. The chain bakes chocolate and marshmallow fillings side by side in a sweet graham-cracker crust. Track one down before it goes off menus mid-September — the unofficial end to s’mores season.

89 cents each

Want to make your own gussied up version of the treat? Try this recipe for dark chocolate s'mores from Todd English.

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