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Cookie Monster begs in pop parody: 'You got cookie! So share it maybe?'

Cookie Monster spoofs Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe."

Oh, Cookie Monster. After all these decades, you still know how to crack us up.

The googly-eyed monster’s latest antics on “Sesame Street” include a cookie-focused parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe.” As the video above shows, a big bowl of cookies prompts Cookie Monster to cavort around a workaday office space while singing his heart out. Here’s a selection of some of the genius lyrics in Cookie’s “Share It Maybe” spoof:

Me got a wish on me mind
It is a chocolate chip kind
Me look at you and me tell
You may have snickerdoodle


 You cookie showing
And me hunger growing
Let’s get skim milk flowing
We’ll start this snack going baby!
Hey, me just met you and this is craaaaazy
But you got cookie, so share it maybe

But perhaps the very best line of all in the blue furry monster’s song is this one: “Me start to really freak out, please someone call the Girl Scouts.”

Mind you, it’s probably no accident that Cookie Monster mentions skim milk in his parody. For several years now, Cookie’s very identity has come under intense scrutiny as the issue of childhood obesity has been debated. To do his part to promote healthy eating, the furry blue monster started inhaling bowls of fresh fruit, as seen here when TODAY co-anchor Matt Lauer interviewed Cookie Monster on “Sesame Street” about three years ago:

TODAY's Matt Lauer asks Cookie what he likes to eat most of all.

But Cookie never strayed too far from his origins, and he never disavowed his love for cookies — as evidenced in his latest “Share It Maybe” spoof.

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