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Do you have an annoying ordering style?

Does this waiter think you're ordering weirdly? Possibly.

Are you apologetic? Indecisive? Do you suddenly become weirdly macho?

There are tons of annoying ways to order in a restaurant (just ask a member of any wait staff). To prove it (and shine a mirror on our own weird behavior), Zagat hired two actors to demonstrate just how much people change their personalities when faced with a menu and a pen-poised waiter.  (A personal pet peeve: People who don't make eye contact with the staff. What are you, the Queen of England?)

Watch the video:

Ordering food at a restaurant can cause people's voices, mannerisms and often entire personalities to change -- in fact, sometimes it makes them act like straight up wackjobs. Check out our handy video primer on different bizarre ordering types above. Does ordering make you act funny too?

And then dish on your least favorite ordering habits (and admit it: are you any of these types?)

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