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Too cool for school? Try Ice Cream University


TODAY.com's Kyle Michael Miller reports on Ice Cream University that teaches dessert enthusiasts the frozen secrets behind making the tasty treat.

Heading back to school for most students means getting their brains geared up for lectures, studying and exams. But at a school in West Orange, New Jersey, students aren't just using their brains -- they're using their taste buds, too.

“We learn how to make ice cream and gelatos; different mixes and different solutions," said Ely Latner, a student at Ice Cream University.

He’s one of nearly 4,000 who have signed up to learn the frozen secrets of the ice cream from Malcolm Stogo, who started this school 19 years ago.

“We don’t believe in people sitting behind a desk listening to someone talk,” said Malcolm. “We believe in them getting what we call dirty.”


That means learning, hands-on, the secrets behind making all varieties of ice cream -- plus pointers on getting involved in the business side of an ice cream shop.  

Malcolm is no stranger to the sweet frozen treat. He first learned the craft 40 years ago at his family-run restaurant in Philadelphia, PA, where he says he created famous flavors like cookies and cream, Snickers and Milky Way.

“I was a little skeptical coming here,” said student Jon McGloin, who plans to open a dessert shop with his wife. “I thought it would be a lot of baking and messes and stress. And it isn’t at all. It’s a lot of fun.”

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