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Heat wave to microwave: Can you cook really cook an egg on the street?

Is it really so hot that you could fry an egg on a sweltering city sidewalk? NBC's Jeff Rossen er, umm… investigates.

With triple-digit temperatures around the country, reporters are finding creative ways to show viewers just how scorching it is. So why not turn the heat wave into a microwave and get cooking?

Taking a cue from Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE, which featured a reporter baking cookies on the dashboard of a car, Jeff Rossen took the kitchen to the sidewalk. He left frozen macaroni and cheese, a frozen pizza, and eggs out on a New York City street to see if they would cook in the heat (hey, we didn't say it was sanitary). After two hours, he took bites out of the mac and cheese and the pizza, and it turns out, they were edible.


The eggs looked like they had congealed, but they were still pretty runny. When Rossen offered them to bystanders, he was greeted with looks of disgust and an all-around “no” to a taste test. “Apparently I’m the only one in New York who will eat things off the sidewalk,” Rossen joked. (Although we didn’t see him try the eggs, which we all agreed was for the best).

Matt responded with some foreboding words: “Good luck with your dietary problems over the weekend.”

So the takeaway is: If the power grid goes bust, you can always warm up your eats on the street! Would you do it?