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'Beers' to you, Jell-Obama! Foodies break the mold

The Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently held their third annual Jell-O Mold Competition, showcasing outrageous masterpieces made from “America’s Favorite Dessert.” Artists broke the mold, re-imagining everything from the classic summertime treat, from rubbery barbecued hot dogs and pliable picnic spreads to social commentary on war and consumerism. Tables of edible submissions not only offered foodies and judges a feast for the eyes, but an interesting mix of bold and bizarre jelly flavors, like soy, tamarind, beer – and even bacon.

Get inspired by jiggly gelatin creations featured at this year's Jell-O Mold Competition in New York City.

While entries were rated on taste, creativity and aesthetics, they also had to stand and deliver, like blogger Matthew Micari’s patriotic salute to President Obama in salted caramel-chocolate pudding. Three decadent gummy busts of the commander-in-chief wiggled and jiggled, while across the room a gelatinous mechanical monster loomed across table tops.

However, playing with food didn’t get any better than host Anney Fresh’s game of “Jeckers” – an alcohol-spiked twist on checkers incorporating Jell-O shots. But it was “Jelly Fishin’,” a collection of colorful, gummy fish on a line, that took top honors – hook, line and sinker.

See some of the artists’ fantastic food creations in action. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired.