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Even Whole Foods loves 'Whole Foods Parking Lot'

TODAY's Natalie Morales takes a look at the comedy group Fog and Smog, who take aim at the organic mecca's yuppie shoppers, mini-shopping carts, quinoa and gourmet cheeses.

Gunshots? Poverty? The perils of drug trafficking? Move over. These yuppie rappers have REAL problems, like trying to find parking at Whole Foods.

Shot in Santa Monica, Calif., the “Whole Foods Parking Lot” video by collective Fog and Smog is creeping up to half a million views on YouTube and features all the cliché obstacles one faces while shopping for culinary delights in the organic mecca. We got the first response from the Whole Foods team on what they thought of the hilarious lyrics. Turns out, they have a great sense of humor about it and are even helping it go viral.

“We’ve all gotten a big kick out of this video and we love the creativity that went into producing it,” said Elizabeth Leader Smith, the national media relations coordinator for Whole Foods. “It’s playful and entertaining. We are sharing it with our friends and team members and e-mails continue to pour in from those excited about it. We thank Fog and Smog for making us smile!”

Sirr Less, the company's global VP of communications, adds: “What a great piece of video! We can't stop watching it. We thank Fog and Smog for the work and we are going to share it. We've always believed Whole Foods Market stores inspire creativity, even in our parking lots.”

If you’re too impatient to watch the whole video, here are some highlights:

Some girl in yoga pants is lookin’ at me funny/I’m just tryin' to find a decent pinot noir for under twenty/Then I take it to the cheese counter— “Humboldt Fog?”/”We just ran out, sir” “Really dog?” I’ve been on edge ever since they took kombucha off the shelf/ This buster’s on his iPhone talkin’ to his friends/ Pickin’ up some cayenne pepper for his master cleanse/ “You’re the most annoying dude I’ve ever seen, brah/ Could you please move? You’re right in front of the quinoa” 

Our fave line? “...Pay my 80 bucks for six things and get the heck out...” Because, OMG, it’s just SO TRUE.

Tell us, what’s your favorite line from this song?