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5 cocktails you can eat

Bryan Bedder/The Daily

That cocktail napkin's made of gin -- and you can eat it!

By Keith Wagstaff

Gin paper

Is there anything more useless than a cocktail napkin? Well, executive chef Ryan Moore decided to fix that by making the napkin out of gin. It all started with a mistake. According to The Daily, Moore, a bartender at Rogue 24 in Washington, D.C., was trying to concoct an alcohol foam to place over food when he accidentally heated and created a thin film that, when dried, turned into a thin, solid paper made entirely of gin and cellulose. Just don’t try to write your phone number on it.

Nitrogen-poached aperitifs

Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, U.K., has earned Michelin stars galore with its outside-the-box cooking. The tasting menu starts with an aperitif, but don’t expect a nice glass of Campari. Instead, Blumenthal takes one of three different cocktails (vodka and lime sour, gin and tonic, Campari soda) and puts it into foam form. Then a waiter “poaches” it tableside with liquid nitrogen. It’s up to you to pick it up, pop the entire thing in your mouth, and let it dissolve there.

Fashion ice

Everyone has a good Popsicle memory from childhood, although if your mother ever let you try one of these Popsicles you’d probably end up sick or crashing your Big Wheel. That’s because the Fashion Ice served at the luxe bar at the Plaza Athenee in Paris is made with the latest drinks on their cocktail menu. It’ll probably be the most fun (and expensive) Popsicle you’ll ever eat.

Everything at Grant Achatz’ new cocktail bar, Aviary

Chef Grant Achatz is known for his impressive acts of molecular gastronomy at his famous Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea in Chicago. He applies the same kind of inventive thinking at his new cocktail bar, Aviary. A few things you can expect: a gel made of Peychaud’s bitters placed over a deconstructed Moscow Mule, clove-infused ice and giant globe of ice that you have to crack in order to drink the old-fashioned inside.

Jell-O shots

You don’t need liquid nitrogen to make edible cocktails; all you need is a packet of JELL-O mix and a refrigerator. We recommend using vodka for the cleanest-tasting shot and yelling “Spring break!” at least once every five minutes.