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An IV of whiskey? Booze packaging gets innovative (and sometimes useful)

While you can't judge the booze by its cover, these creative packages will definitely add an extra kick. And with summer just around the corner, some of them are perfect for imbibing on the go!

Pocket Shot

These pocket shots of whiskey are way easier to slip into your pocket at your best friend's wedding than those mini-bar bottles, and their creepy IV design is a nod to the way you intend to use them: life support. Just try not to sit on one before your toast.

Indulge Wines

Nostalgic for those Capri Suns your mom used to put in your lunch? Ah yes, it was tough to stab that straw through the plastic, but once that pouch was compromised, it was happy sipping all the way to fifth period. Luckily, Indulge Wines has created an even happier version of the drink under the guise of eco-friendly packaging. The pouches are much bigger than the kid versions, and happily so. They have a spout at the bottom for those who "like to share," but any respectable sipper will plunge an oversized straw right in the top of that baby and slurp away.

Dos Blockos

If you like to keep your public drinking under wraps, save yourself the hassle of rounding up paper bags for your brews with Doss Blockos Pale Lager. Created by real life squatters, these subversive suds are certainly a conversation piece. 

Original Moonshine

When did moonshine get so chic? When Brooklyn small-batch Kings County Distillery gave it some simplified packaging that belies the strong stuff inside.

Sam Gensburg

Music to my beers: This six-pack turned xylophone comes with two mallets attached to the corks (inside the beer). After drinking your beer to the level indicated on the back you can place the bottles into the holder and begin playing. These are designed by Sam Gensburg, who clearly has a sense of humor. 


These Tulip wine glasses are pre-filled with vino, cutting out that pesky step of pouring. Some Tulips, together with a generous beach blanket and personal recycling bin, would be great companions to an outdoor concert.