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Prince William's personal chef dishes on his groom's cake

Carolyn Robb, the former royal chef of Kensington Palace, reminisces about introducing a young Prince William to her mother's chocolate biscuit cake, which will be served as his groom's cake.

Royal genes don't stop Prince William from craving the kind of foods that frat boys (or Paula Deen?) might think up late night after a drinking game or two. His beloved snack is a peanut butter, jelly and bacon muffin, after all. And his groom's cake is a variation of one of his favorite treats growing up: a cake made from crushed McVities Biscuits, Mars chocolate bars, cocoa powder and lots of butter. "Chocolate, chocolate and more chcolate," says Carolyn Robb, who served as the personal chef for William and Harry when they were growing up and is the culinary genius behind the cake. She dishes on having her recipe chosen for the royal menu and on William's skills in the kitchen. Spoiler alert: She says he knows his way around an oven. Talk about Prince Charming, sigh.