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Cupcake-flavored vodka promises sweet cocktails


Cupcake Vodka promises your drink will taste exactly as it sounds.

By Keith Wagstaff

Cupcake hysteria just won’t cool down. First it was cupcakes infused with liquor in New York cocktail lounges, and now it's liquor infused with the flavor of cupcakes. Produced by Underdog Wine & Spirits, which also makes Cupcake Vineyard wines, the vodka comes in four flavors: Chiffon, Frosting, Devil’s Food and Original.

No, the bottles aren’t filled with frosting. What you’re getting with their “six-times distilled” vodkas are little hints of cupcakes you may know from late-night dessert binges. Hints of lemon for the Chiffon, vanilla flavor for the Frosting and chocolate for the Devil’s Food, while the Original flavor is basically regular vodka with “creamy undertones.” Underdog Wine & Spirits, located in Livermore, Calif., says it uses its proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to score some premium distilled water to cut its vodka with.

“We are always looking for opportunities to meet the needs of our core consumer: the adult millennial,” wrote senior marketing director Todd Ziegenfus in a press release. That’s right, Generation Y: "Sex and the City" has made you completely obsessed with cupcakes.

One of their recommended cocktails, the “Chocolate Chippy Cupcake,” suggests you pair their Devil’s Food vodka with Godiva liqueur, Hershey’s cocoa powder and powdered sugar, just in case the calories from the vodka weren’t enough for you.

What will the boozy distilled essence of vodka cost you? The recommended price of a 750ml bottle is $17, which is slightly above the price of a comparable vodka like, say, Smirnoff, which averages around $13-$15 for the same size. But remember what you are getting for that price — vodka that tastes like a cupcake.