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Are office treats cute or cruel?

TODAY's Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall and Al Roker discuss the controversy of the office candy jar: Does it boost workplace morale or simply sabotage diets?

The Wall Street Journal recently published a story about the rift that sweet treats are causing among coworkers in the office. While some see bringing in doughnuts, cookies and candies as a morale boost, others see it as a cruel taunt that's wrecking their diets.

TODAY certainly isn't immune to this issue.

"Sometimes you go to our TODAY Show offices and it's like a candy store in there," says Al Roker, adding that self-control can be tough around those tempting empty calories.

But Tamron Hall sees these eats in a positive light. "On a bad day, nothing makes you feel happier than chocolate," she said.

What do you think? Are you a fan of sweets in the office?