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The deep dish: James Beard nominees, unnecessary kitchen gadgets

A roundup of delicious food news from around the Web.

By Diana Marko

The Oscars have come and gone, but now it's time for the Academy Awards of the food world. The James Beard finalists have been announced -- compiled from a record 28,000 online votes. The James Beard Foundation Awards are dedicated to honoring not only chefs, but the behind-the-scenes folks who round out the complete food experience, like journalists and restaurant architects.

 Just cause someone's a veggie doesn't mean they don't bite! Somewhere over the Atlantic a 30-yr-old woman loses her cool mid-flight when her vegetarian meal is not up to snuff. MSNBC.com reports on the remarkable journey of a vegetarian meal that started on a woman's tray and ended up on a flight attendant.

Bon Appetit brings us an in-depth look at the new booming land of dairy. No longer does Europe corner the market on artisanal cheeses. Happy cows may come from California but good cheese comes from Vermont. With more cheesemakers per capita than any other state, Vermont is the Mecca for those looking for the best of the best. To top it all off, two of the cheesemakers toiling in Vermont are the von Trapp siblings (yes, related to THE von Trapps -- flashback to matching uniforms made of drapes).

Every trip to a fancy kitchen store brings you to that place where you think "I am so understocked on supplies." You see the pots you don't have, that cool nut grinder you've never seen, an apple slicer and corer -- it's all just too much. Thank goodness The Daily Meal is here to give us a hard slap across the face with the 10 food and drink inventions we didn't need. How did we ever slice an apple or chop an onion? Oh right, we just did it.