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The deep dish: Movie-inspired meals and top-rated olive oil

A roundup of delicious food news from around the Web.

By Diana Marko

Movie lovers were yawning at their desks this morning after partying with Oscar last night. If you really get into movies, I’m sure you’ve watched “Something’s Gotta Give” and really wanted that Hamptons-style cooking. Or you watched “Pulp Fiction” and suddenly craved a vanilla milkshake. Maybe you saw “127 Hours” and wanted…well, anything at all. But if you're a food lover who moonlights as a movie lover, Movie Recipes has everything you need to cook the same dish you see onscreen. So go on and have some blueberry pancakes with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton!

Beef is back! The Financial Times is taking a closer look at the trendiness of our meat eating ways. We may have mooed away from the red meat menu for a while but now we’re back and sharpening our steak knives. We’re always developing different ways of raising cattle around the globe. Find out which country has used beer and massages to beef up their cattle.

Are all olive oils created equal? I tend to think so until I hit a great Mediterranean restaurant and dip a piece of bread or pita into something spectacular and wonder, what’s different about this olive oil? The Financial Times conducts a taste test and comes out with three (affordable!) winners for us to take home and play with.

Nutella is such a magical chocolate and hazelnut substance -- in a sandwich, in a crepe, on a spoon -- it all works. Now: Nutella doughnuts. It feels like those two words alone should make you say, “Yes please.” Lick My Spoon, a festive food blog written from Dubai by stay at home mom, Sukaina, shows you step-by-step how to create these fluffy doughnut holes with a rich Nutella center.