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The deep dish: 'Mad Men' cookbook serves up more than cocktail recipes

A roundup of delicious food news from around the Web.

By Diana Marko

Who has ice cream, fruit and hot buttery bread pudding for dessert on a chilly February day? Well, you do if you follow a few simple steps. Banana cinnamon bread pudding is the No. 1 posting on Food Buzz today, and rightfully so. If looking at a photo of it is this good, can you imagine eating it? Wow.

“Mad Men” has been serving up brown liquor at 10 a.m. since the series began. Now a cooking duo is offering a steamy new addition to the series’ secret office romances and complex undergarments: a cookbook! “The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook” offers recipes to just about everything mentioned on the show, including Betty’s favorite meals (served with a side of pearls). We hope they might leave out Roger Sterling’s favorite cocktail: vodka with milk.

It’s no secret these days that Rush Limbaugh has quite a few things to say about the first lady’s food preferences. This food fight continues as Rush Limbaugh defends his criticisms of Michelle Obama’s eating habits. In light of her “Let’s Move” campaign targeting childhood obesity, Limbaugh feels she’s not practicing what she preaches. Get the full story here on Politics Daily.

The Los Angeles Times has a little fun with our northern friends in a recent article. Canadian researchers recently conducted a double-blind study concluding that (surprise!) marijuana increases hunger. The Times runs the story along with a recipe for midnight chocolate brownie bites as if to say, “Oh Canada.”