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Make it yourself: Marmalade!



Rachel Saunders, the "master of jams" and founder of the Blue Chair Jam Fruit Company, shows viewers how to make a sweet tomato marmalade.

I have dubbed Rachel Saunders the Jam Guru of our generation.  She's young, she's hip, and she is bringing jam-making back into style.  Nostalgic images of grandmas jarring this spreadable sweet are being updated by young jam-makers selling their goods at the farmers market, especially in places like Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, and New York City.  Saunders is not only leading the trend, she's redefining it with innovative creations, such as Lemon and Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus and Bay, Black Mission Fig Jam, and Lemon Marmalade with Pear.  In this video for TODAY.com, Saunders shows me how to make her Early Girl Tomato Marmalade.  Saunders is the founder of The Blue Chair Jam Fruit Company and author of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook. Her delicious jams and marmalades can be ordered online and shipped around the country.