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Matt Lauer, Dave Z. gush about tater tots

David Zinczenko, author of "Eat This, Not That!," dissects what your kids are eating in the school cafeteria.

Ohhh tater tots ... one of our favorite memories of school lunch! Evidently, Matt Lauer and Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko can't get enough of the delicious snack either.

In this morning's "Eat This, Not That!" segment about kids and school lunch, Dave shared typical, unhealthy cafeteria options and healthier, but still yummy, ones.

The good news (or rather, as Matt says, "the best news of the year")? Tater tots are not so bad for your waistline!

Matt was as excited as the proverbial kid in a candy store. "Little keg-shaped pieces of heaven is what we like to call these!" he said, pointing to the crispy, golden tater goodness.

"Whoever invented those is a genius," Dave responded.

According to Dave, they are a better option than french fries as they pack just half the calories. Of course, that means you have to stop at a handful -- eating a whole bag (as confessed by one TODAYshow.com staffer who shall remain nameless) will probably hurt you.

Watch the clip and tell us, what did you love or hate about school lunch when you were growing up?