7 kitchen tools for your Thanksgiving feast

Williams-Sonoma, Wine Enthusiast

Make Thanksgiving entertaining a breeze with these kitchen gadgets. From left: cordless electric knife, digital measuring cup and electric wine opener.

Vanilla Ice a.k.a. Rob Van Winkle is heating things up in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. Well, actually, his grandmother will do most of the turkey-day cooking, and since he’s a vegetarian, he won’t actually be eating turkey.

But the rapper turned reality star turned DIY expert does have some great tips for kitchen gadgets that can help you cook like a champ this holiday.

Talking thermometer, $44.99
Don’t let your bird get dried out! The wireless device will verbally alert you when your meal is cooked do you don’t overdo it. It comes with eight programmable entrée selections (beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken and fish) and four doneness selections (rare, medium rare, medium and well done). The verbal and audio alert options will let you know the cooking status (almost ready, ready and overcooked) and audio noise will sound when meat has reached the desired temperature.

Cordless electric fillet knife set, $114.99
The Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife Set is powered by a premium motor and  advanced air flow design to cut through your toughest fillets quickly and easily. With 6 and 7 ½-inch interchangeable blades, each knife set comes with two batteries that work for up to 3  hours and 45 minutes before requiring an additional charge.

Electric wine opener, $39.95
Tired of struggling with wine openers that usually result in a broken cork? This electric wine opener will un-cork your wine bottle without any effort and works every time! The Electric Push-Button Corkscrew is easy-to-use and entertaining to watch. With just the press of a button, a blue light shows through the "action window" as the cork is extracted from the bottle.

Skybar Wine Chill Drops, set of 2, $39.95
The Skybar Wine Chill Drops cool a single glass of wine to its ideal serving temperature up to 20 times faster than your refrigerator can chill a full bottle. Simply place the pre-chilled stainless-steel drop in your glass - in just minutes, your wine is ready to enjoy.

Onion goggles, $20.95
Onions are often a key ingredient in many holiday recipes, but unfortunately their preparation is always a troublesome task! Avoid the burning eyes and tears with Onion Goggles PRO. The goggles are built with a comfortable foam seal that protect eyes from onion vapors and anti-fog lenses will give you a clear vision of the task at hand.

Digital measuring cups, $39.95
Unless you're a master chef, eyeballing exact measurements comes as a challenge to most. Take away the guessing game by combining a measuring cup with a weight scale and use the Taylor Digital Scale with Removable Measuring Cup. This measuring cup gives extremely accurate liquid and dry measurements because it measures by weight instead of volume. It measures liquids in cups, fluid ounces, or millimeters and dry ingredients in ounces/pounds and the digital readout is conveniently displayed on the handle.

Fat magnet, $9.95
While most people aren't too concerned with extra fat on Thanksgiving Day, too much grease or oil can ruin a perfect soup or sauce. Taylor Gift's Fat Magnet attracts fat that floats on surface of liquid-based foods. Not only will your food taste amazing, but you’ll be creating a healthier meal. Simply freeze the magnet, then skim the surface of soups, stews, sauces, gravies, chili's and more to extract fat and create healthier meals.

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